Crystal Healing Information

This section of is devoted to various information and facts about Crystal healing. We will use all the available online and offline sources, as well as our personal experience and interaction with other healers to deliver the known ascertained facts to the reader. Today, more than ever, people feel the need to learn about how to use crystals in healing sessions as well as in meditation. In addition to using herbs and animals for healing purposes, at the beginning of the 20th century, it has become clear that crystals also have very powerful energies that can be used for healing.

Real, valid information about healing with crystals, gems and minerals is not widespread. Sure, there are many facts about countless healing gems and their properties. There is also a lot of discussion in the crystal therapist circles pointing towards using specific crystals in connection with certain ailments and conditions. Whereas intuitive knowledge about many types of minerals and stones has been collected by the numerous crystal healers and metaphysical seekers, to a certain extent it is only fair to emphasize that a lot of info is still to be received in the years to come.

In the various articles comprising this part of the website we will try to summarize the most important aspects, definitions, history, methods of investigations, and practical guides of this new multidisciplinary science which is gaining strength and popularity these days.

People who are new in this area, often ask whether crystal healing works at all. They have to remember that on one hand this is a "new" alternative type of healing. But on the other hand, we know that in the distant past people used to put into service stones and minerals alongside with herbs and self prepared remedies. But we do not have to go too far in the past. Native American peoples were aware of the potential of the stones and crystals because they were so intimately connected to the land and were conscious of the fact that crystals in a sense are capable of channeling and transforming environmental (equally earthy and cosmic) energies. So they involved minerals in their healing therapies.

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