Question about diamonds

This is a question from Abu Fadel:

"Hello Sunny. As everybody I would like to thank you so much for this article but I have a couple maybe silly questions. The first question is, I have looked and looked and looked at diamonds and tried to figure out which diamond is better than the other. How do I tell the difference between good and even better? I read a lot of the Internet and everything is always conflicting.
Secondly, unfortunately I am a smoker so how do I use the diamond again to quit smoking and cut down on eating please help. Thanks again "

Dear Abu Fadel,

Thanks for the question. How to distinguish between good and even better diamonds? - that's a question for an expert gemologist. Precisely because buying a great diamond is a very expensive investment.

As for the second part of your question, programming is one of the best ways to use crystals and stones for achieving personal goals. Take a look here:

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