Citrine bracelet

This is a question/comment from Michelle:

"Hi Sunnyray. I bought my citrine bracelet 3days ago. I do not know if it is 100% natural citrine. The color is pale yellow. Should i wear it everyday. I'm in a business line and wishing to get my goals. How can meditate with it? Thanks a lot. "

Hi Michelle and thanks for the question. It is really hard to tell if a citrine is 100% natural. Some of the citrine stones available on the market are in fact heat treated amethysts. You may wear your citrine every day, if you feel like it. There is nothing that speaks against it. If you want to use it as a tool for achieving certain goals, you should learn how to program it. You can certainly meditate with it. Here is an excerpt of a simple crystal meditation from Olga Rezo's book "The magical world of crystals":

"Take the selected crystal with your both hands and gently focus your attention on it without thinking about anything else. Notice its color, shape, weight, and other properties. Feel the vibration that passes through your hands into your body. Enter the inside of the crystal with your awareness and merge yourself with it. Explore its inner structure and crystal lattice. Finally, you can gaze steadily at a fixed point of the crystal, a technique called Trataka. This Trataka meditation will enable a deeper insight into the nature of your crystal. Let it “talk” to you and reveal its secrets..."

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