Hematite and Crystal Water

A question from MahaDevi:

"I like to drink "Crystal water"every morning. Placing a stone in water with intention over night so it changes the molecular structure of the water to heal the body. I have been sick and not feeling grounded so I thought of seeing hematite and pyrite. But did have some hesitations about if it was safe to drink. How does the water change the hematite?"

Dear MahaDevi,

I am sorry to hear about your being sick. The idea to use crystal water is good, but I have doubts about putting Hematite in water. It is an iron based stone, so it may react with the water molecules. This is not something you would like to have. The alternative is to use some "safe" grounding stones, like for example smokey quartz. Or if you want to use hematite, put it close to the water container on the outside, not inside. I wish you good and blessed healing energies.

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