Topaz Healing Jewelry Pendants

Here is a couple of nice topaz stones that can serve both as jewelry and as healing tools. The first example of topaz healing jewelry is a pendant made out of untreated, natural imperial topaz crystal, with superior healing energy. If you prefer also a modern style and a piece of faceted blue topaz pendant that you can put on when you want to go out, then the second example may be best suited for you.

Imperial Topaz Healing Stone

Very special and relatively rare pieces of Imperial Topaz are produced in shape of point pendants. Single terminated, they are set into Sterling Sterling Silver caps. Not treated in any way and naturally terminated, this pendant is capable of focusing the natural energy of Imperial Topaz.

You can click here to purchase the topaz shown in the photo below or a similar healing pendants.


Blue Topaz Healing Necklace


This is a unique piece of blue topaz jewelry. You can buy it if you click here . It can be cleansed using known techniques of purification and charging to improve the healing and metaphysical power of the stone involved. For best results, one should wear this jewelry for at least ten days. This special piece of jewelry can bring a bit of happiness and light into your everyday world and will amplify the power inside you to express whatever you desire and make it real.

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