Rose Quartz Rock Crystal Pendant

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If you are looking to buy a nice looking quality rose quartz pendant, there is one amazing offer we recently came across and would like to share with you. At they are selling some 1.5 inch long pendants made of quality rose quartz with silver wiring for really cheap. As compared to some other similar specimens we were able to see at our local crystal store, this offer is much more superior - both in terms of quality and price.


Buy Rose Quartz Crystal Point Pendant HERE

There are several additional points you would like to know prior to buying this rose quartz pendant. First of all - do not be fooled by the photo - the pendant is not as large as depicted. While it is a beautiful rose quartz crystal point wrapped with silver wire, due to its somewhat smaller size, it may not be suitable to be worn as a necklace. Probably much better is to wear this rose quartz pendant in form of bracelet or as a stand alone crystal point in your pocket. Yet again, if you would like to conceal it underneath your shirt or make a contact with your skin, then the limited size of this pendant is a big plus.

Despite its dimension, this rose quartz stone possesses all the healing and metaphysical qualities inherent to this form of rock crystal point. As rose variation of rock crystal, it strengthens the heart and cardiovascular system, helping remove the impurities from the bodily fluids. It is believed to help with lung and chest problems, and relieves dizziness. It is also thought to Soothe burns and blisters and beautify the complexion.

Use it alone or in form of a bracelet. You can even make your own bracelet, combining it with loose rose quartz beads . Use your own imagination, and you can easily produce your own powerful healing jewelry.

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