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When talking about definitions in connection with crystal healing, of course the best online repository is Wikipedia. According to this comprehensive source of information, crystal healing is an alternative technique that "uses stones and crystals as healing tools". This is in line with our intuitive general idea, and you are welcome to follow the above link and read the article, but there is little real background information about the concepts and knowledge involved in crystal therapy.

Not only does this article touches just the surface of this complex area, but it also calls crystal healing a pseudoscience. Indeed, like many other areas where the consciousness of the subject is involved in the physical or metaphysical phenomena under consideration (and we emphasize once again that this is the key factor that determines the success of our using crystals as healing tools), the conventional scientific methods of investigations are of limited use. Thus the term "pseudo" is being attached by the conventional science.

In farther defining crystal therapy, the chakras and the human auric field are mentioned and brought in connection with placing crystals on top of the energy centers according to their color. Based on the modern interpretations of crystal therapy, this information is somewhat obsolete, since the crystals will naturally interact with our human aura and will receive or transmit energy from or to our etheric network even without a direct contact with the chakras and regardless of whether or not there is matching in color.

The article in question, however, does not fail to point toward the closest fields to which crystal healing is naturally linked. Those are, color healing, alternative, vibrational  and energy medicine. These subjects are closely related and should be considered hand in hand with learning the basic of crystal work. 

Given the above definition of crystal healing and the premises, right or wrong, of this discipline presented, we have no intention of debating or proving our points. We are certain that what every single human individual is capable of testing this subject on their own, and determining whether crystal therapy, and above all crystal SELF-therapy works in their case.

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