About Us

About CrystalFlame.com

This site is created by Olga and Vasa with the sole intention to provide useful information about crystals, stones, semi precious and precious gemstones, and mineral in general. The special emphasis is put on using these precious natural gifts for promoting health, joy and inspiration, and thus we focus on crystal healing. Indeed crystals can heal our body, but also our mind and our spirit.

We are aware that many people try to use crystals the very same way they use daily horoscope prediction -- without true understanding about their meaning, their purpose and their possible application in one's life -- and this popular belief is what we would like to change. It is not enough just to buy a special crystal for a special ailment, to put it on, and forget it. This is not how crystals work.

This site will also try to help crystal healers by offering them some useful resources, a directory for their personal promotion, etc...and there will be a section devoted to offering products from the domain of crystal healing.
Your input is of great value to us. You are encouraged to share with us your comments, opinion and criticism, and we are looking forward to working together.